Our Story.

Drones are changing the way in which we tell stories, share experiences, and gather data. Founder and CEO, Zachary Huffman, created Hyvion with the vision to create accessibility within the deeply regulated drone market.


Hyvion’s platform connects brands with expert aerial storytellers  - providing the services you need, when you need them. From the multimedia journalist wanting to capture a natural disaster from above, to the farmer investigating variations in his crop yields  - we provide the expertise to get the aerial footage you need. 


More than just drone pilots, our team of collaborative creators strive to help tell your story. Head-quartered in Atlanta, Georgia, our network of aviators and client support teams are stationed across the country. Our renowned training partnerships and drone lab developments are first-in-class for both safety and cinematography. Hyvion is an innovation partner, ready to solve your challenges and elevate your perspective.

Executive Team

Zach Huffman
Founder & CEO
Conner Smith
Director of Finance
Ahmed Resan
Director of Corporate Development
Director of Recruiting
Savanna Newton
Tyler Bradfield
Creative Director
Chief of Staff
James Young
Ryan Sparrow
Regional Director 
Jack Hudson
Production Specialist
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Executive Advisors

Stephen Wakeling
Executive Advisor
Rick Sykes
Executive Advisor
Teresa Smith
Executive Advisor
Barry Umansky
Executive Advisor
Ross Noel
Executive Advisor
Bruce Marble
Executive Advisor

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