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Building a New Path for Drone Technology

PORTAGE, IN. In the tech world, it’s all about staying ahead of the curve. With the advancement of technology, industry leaders are consistently incorporating what they can do into their respective fields to revolutionize their production. To keep up with the growth and improvements in drone technology, Hyvion’s Founder and CEO Zach Huffman and Regional Director Ryan Sparrow joined forces with the Holladay Construction Group in Northern Indiana. The new partnership allowed the group to conduct a comprehensive training program to integrate drones into the process of construction projects.

Drones offer several advantages for the construction industry. This technology can help perform aerial inspections of work sites, identify potential safety hazards, and monitor project progress with unmatched precision. Throughout the two-day training course, participants received hands-on flight training to gain practical experience and expertise in maneuvering drones on construction sites. Each trainee earned a Part 107 certificate, which is an essential requirement for commercial drone operations.

Beyond flight training, those in attendance were introduced to Pix4D and DroneDeploy software solutions. These powerful tools enable construction professionals to seamlessly integrate drone technology into their projects by capturing high-resolution aerial imagery and creating detailed 3D rendering. As part of the training, Hyvion created a 3D rendering on one of Holladay Construction’s active work sites. By utilizing data collected from their drones, Hyvion’s team was able to generate a precise representation of the site.

This partnership positions Hyvion and Holladay Construction as thought leaders in the field, setting an inspiring example for companies around the world. By embracing drone technology, professionals can unlock new opportunities, increase productivity, and pave the way for an innovative future. 

About Hyvion

Hyvion offers software and drone solutions that enable brands to elevate their perspective. Since it's inception Hyvion has gown its capabilities to include promotions, film, live television, and broadcast storytelling for college and professional sports leagues, making uncrewed aircraft flights an opportunity without the hassle. If you have an inquiry or would like to take flight with Hyvion, contact us here.

About Holladay Construction Group

The Holladay Construction Group is a full-service construction and design-build firm that offers construction services to all businesses regardless of the size, scope, or nature of the project. After more than 70 years in the construction industry, the Holladay Construction Group was formed in 2007 to enable expansion by providing construction services to third-party companies. What began as an internal division of Holladay Properties today is a stand-alone company with a dedicated team of project managers, construction managers, field superintendents, accounting, and administrative staff on hand to ensure a project’s success.


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