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“We Fly” Alongside David Letterman

The Hyvion team assisted with the production of a David Letterman documentary in coordination with his alma mater, Ball State University.

MUNCIE, IN – Hyvion, a drone service provider connecting leading brands with collaborative aerial storytellers, is excited to announce its involvement in the production of “Clear Reception,” a documentary starring former late-night host David Letterman. The project, which centers on Letterman’s fascination with glass making, was produced by fellow Ball State University Alumna and Hyvion drone pilot Faith Denig.

“Being able to work alongside a television legend like David Letterman was amazing,” said Denig.

Based on the company's existing partnership with the College of Communication Information and Media, Hyvion’s involvement in the documentary was at the request of Ball State University’s president Geoffrey Mearns.

The project is the result of a year-long immersive learning project that chronicles Letterman’s introduction to glass artistry and journey to create a piece inspired by his life. The documentary was primarily shot at The Glick Center for Glass, a fine arts center created in 2011 by Maryland Glick, a notable Muncie artist. It is the only facility of its kind in Indiana, offering both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in fine arts. Both Muncie and Ball State University have strong ties to the glass art market. The Ball Brothers, made up of five American industrialists and philanthropists, were among the founders of Ball State University in 1918. However, most people are more familiar with the Ball Glass and manufacturing company responsible for the famous mason jars.

It's easy to see why David Letterman, a 1969 Alumnus of Ball State University, returned to his former college town for this project. Letterman describes this process as thrilling and fascinating. Production of “Clear Reception” is the latest installment of The David Letterman Learning Experience (DLLE), a student-led, interdisciplinary creative project that combines storytelling, technology, and art to give students across disciplines and departments a project-based, hands-on experience.

Letterman’s lasting impact can also be seen in the David Letterman Communications Building, unveiled in 2007, which houses offices for CCIM, Telecommunications, and Communication studies. An aerial of this building, provided by the Hyvion team, can be seen in the documentary. Other aerials include the Glick Center for Glass, Shafer Tower, North Church Venue, and flyovers of McKinley Avenue and Downtown Muncie.

You can watch the trailer for “Clear Reception” on Ball State’s YouTube Channel or by visiting this link.

About Hyvion

Hyvion offers software and drone solutions that enable brands to elevate their perspective. Since it's inception Hyvion has gown its capabilities to include promotions, film, live television, and broadcast storytelling for college and professional sports leagues, making uncrewed aircraft flights an opportunity without the hassle. If you have an inquiry or would like to take flight with Hyvion, contact us here.


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