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Going for Gold: Hyvion’s Aerial Showcase of Olympic Venues

LAKE PLACID, NY – The historic sights and scenes of Lake Placid’s Olympic venues serve as a memorable backdrop for Hyvion’s latest project. Building on the success of coverage from the 2022 NCAA Skiing National Championships in Park City, Utah, Hyvion was asked to provide aerial coverage of the event for a second straight year. Once again, the opportunity provided picturesque and unparalleled perspectives on iconic locations where sports history was made.

The venues collectively known as Lake Placid Legacy Sites comprise the Olympic Center, Olympic

Jumping Complex, Mt. Van Hoevenberg, and Whiteface Mountain. However, the location is often recognized, not just as the site for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, but as the birthplace of the “Miracle on Ice.”

In the thick of the Cold War, the improbable United States Men’s Ice Hockey team took center stage against the heavily favored Soviet Union. Long before the team consisted of professional athletes, the Olympic hockey team was made up of college players from across the country. In one of the biggest upsets in sports history, the young group of men managed to beat the USSR, 4-3 before going on to win the Gold against Finland. The arena, now known as one of the most historic sports venues in our nation’s history, was renamed to honor the team’s coach, Herb Brooks.

While the iconic venues stand the test of time, the New York Regional Olympic Development Authority recently invested $80 million in renovations of these esteemed facilities. The substantial enhancement projects provide athletes with state-of-the-art facilities while also enhancing their overall spectator experience. Upgrades to the grounds were showcased to the world during their hosting of the 2023 Winter World University Games. Hyvion highlighted the meticulous craftsmanship and attention that was put into renovations. The team of pilots took to the skies, capturing images and videos of the rich heritage that encapsulated Lake Placid’s Olympic site.

Hyvion also captured coverage, as new moments were cemented into sports history. Mt. Van Hoevenberg and Whiteface Mountain witnessed fierce competition between the country’s top cross-country and downhill skiers. Ultimately, Utah emerged victoriously, capturing its fourth consecutive NCAA Skiing Championship. The win solidifies the Ute's reputation as a skiing powerhouse, giving them their 16th National Championship.

About Hyvion

Hyvion offers software and drone solutions that enable brands to elevate their perspective. Since it's inception Hyvion has gown its capabilities to include promotions, film, live television, and broadcast storytelling for college and professional sports leagues, making uncrewed aircraft flights an opportunity without the hassle. If you have an inquiry or would like to take flight with Hyvion, contact us here.


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