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Elevating Storytelling with Drones

Hyvion presents drone capabilities to aspiring members of the media during MAB and MHSAA events.

DETROIT, MI – Hyvion’s Founder and CEO, Zach Huffman, alongside Creative Director Tyler Bradfield, took center stage at Ford Field to lead a discussion on drone usage in storytelling and how students can hone their capabilities. The immersive learning and networking event was hosted by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and the Michigan High School Athletic Association. This unique gathering aimed to connect college and high school students from across the state of Michigan with professionals in the communications and media industry.

The day-long experience allowed students to test their interview skills, improve their resumes, practice reading off a teleprompter, deliver their own weather forecast, and take a professional headshot free of charge. Each activity was supplemented with panels and sessions of guest speakers, lending their experiences to the industry’s youngest minds.

Huffman and Bradfield provided students with a unique experience by leading a captivating discussion on drone capabilities and their potential to elevate storytelling. In the last decade, drone technology has not only advanced but boomed in the media world. This technology provides a powerful way to capture breathtaking aerial footage and add a new dimension to storytelling.

The creative potential and applications of drone work were displayed as Hyvion shared two videos in partnership with BH x Creative. Each project showcases how dynamic aerial imagery can take an average hype video of a sports team to new heights. Attendees were also allowed to take an up-close look at Hyvion’s drone fleet.

Hyvion is grateful for the opportunity to interact with and educate future broadcasters on the growing partnership between the media and drone specialists. Drone coverage has made its mark on the industry, and we hope to develop interest in its capabilities through opportunities of this nature.

About Hyvion

Hyvion offers software and drone solutions that enable brands to elevate their perspective. Since it's inception Hyvion has gown its capabilities to include promotions, film, live television, and broadcast storytelling for college and professional sports leagues, making uncrewed aircraft flights an opportunity without the hassle. If you have an inquiry or would like to take flight with Hyvion, contact us here.


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