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Enhancing Public Safety on Central Michigan University’s Campus

MOUNT PLEASANT, MI – Safety is among the highest priorities for schools and college campuses across the country. Hyvion, a drone service provider connecting leading brands with collaborative aerial storytellers, partnered with the Central Michigan University Police Department and the Central Michigan University drone lab for training to improve public safety. This collaboration aims to equip officers with cutting-edge technology and expand their capabilities to ensure the safety and well-being of the campus community.

Nearly a dozen officers from the CMU PD participated in the two-day comprehensive drone training led by Hyvion’s Founder and CEO Zach Huffman. These hands-on flight sessions were conducted on the CMU campus for immersive and realistic application of skills. Under the additional guidance of Lieutenant Mike Sienkiewicz, officers were introduced to the intricacies of drone operations and their applications in law enforcement.

Hyvion played a vital role in this training initiative by providing consultation on the selection of appropriate gear and equipment for the university's specific needs. As part of this training, Huffman led officers through flights with a Mavic 3 Enterprise Unit during two college football games. The pilots used thermal imaging technology to monitor and control crowds, ensuring student and visitor safety during busy campus events.

Following the training, the CMU PD invested in its own Mavic 3 Enterprise Unit. This drone uses a high-quality camera and thermal imaging sensor, allowing for precise visual inspection, data collection, and monitoring. Drones offer intelligent flight modes, obstacle avoidance, and advanced connectivity options while providing convenience and portability, making them an ideal tool for professionals in fields such as public safety.

As the CMU PD takes flight with these newfound drone capabilities, they ensure the safety of their campus community and establish precedents for other institutions to follow. With ongoing advancements in drone technology and continuous training, law enforcement agencies can tap into the immense potential of drones to protect and serve not only college campuses but also communities all over the world. 

About Hyvion

Hyvion offers software and drone solutions that enable brands to elevate their perspective. Since it's inception Hyvion has gown its capabilities to include promotions, film, live television, and broadcast storytelling for college and professional sports leagues, making uncrewed aircraft flights an opportunity without the hassle. If you have an inquiry or would like to take flight with Hyvion, contact us here.


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