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Hyvion adds Emmy award winner and tech superstars to team

Tyler Bradfield, Savanna Newton, Ahmed Resan and Jack Hudson join Hyion’s executive team as the company continues to grow. “These are the best of the best,” Founder and CEO Zach Huffman said “Each of these team members bring a unique set of skills that will help us continue to grow.”

“These are the best of the best, each of these team members bring a unique set of skills that will help us continue to grow.”

Bradfield, an Emmy award winning storyteller and recipient of a M.A. degree from Ball State University, will oversee Hyvion’s creative vision as the company’s Creative Director. Not only will he be excelling in helping Hyvion tell our story, but Bradfield will also ensure that our pilot network is able to innovatively work with our partners throughout the U.S. and world.

Under Bradfield's direction, Jack Hudson joins the Hyvion team as a production specialist overseeing the company’s digital presence and assisting Bradfield in training and strategically developing our pilot network.

Savanna Newton, a former television executive producer and recruiter for a broadcast television company comes to Hyvion as the company’s Director of Recruiting. Newton earned her M.A. degree from Central Michigan University with a concentration in media management, and will help develop our market network of pilots ensuring they have the proper resources needed to succeeded, and create a culture where employees strive for greatness.

Ahmed Resan joins Hyvion after spending time at both Apple and Phobio in their business development departments. Resan earned his M.S. degree from Georgia State University, and brings a wide range of skills to Hyvion’s business development team. His relationship driven expertise sets him apart from others, and will promise to grow Hyvion’s new business.

Hyvion offers software and drone solutions that enable brands to elevate their perspective. With a growing market network of pilots across the globe, Hyvion makes unmanned aircraft flight an opportunity without the hassle. If you have questions or would like to learn more about Hyvion, contact us here.


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